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A Message from the Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance (HWEDA)

HWEDA is the board of management for the Marradong Country region.  It is an incorporated association, established as part of the Boddington Super Town Economic Development Strategy. The alliance is comprised of elected members of the Shires of Boddington, Wandering and Williams as well as representatives from the business sector within each of the Shires.

Our Region

The Hotham Williams region is located approximately 200km from the Perth CBD. Characterised by a mix of peri-urban, agricultural and mining communities, the region is home to almost 3,900 people spread across over 6,100 square kilometres and numerous towns.

The region is strategically located on the Albany Highway, providing strong road accessibility north to Perth and to southern and south western parts of the State.

Our Vision

The Hotham Williams region is dynamic, prosperous and sustainable. The region leverages its foundation in agriculture and mining to attract new residents, industries and businesses.
The regional economy is diversified and globally competitive, supported by an entrepreneurial culture that welcomes investment and supports the creation of skilled and high income employment opportunities.

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